Migrating from Legacy to GCE

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Personal webspace

These docs presume you’ve been putting files in ~/public_html on your legacy homedir and using a URL such as https://www.mcs.anl.gov/~username, https://web.alcf.anl.gov/~username, or https://web.cps.anl.gov/~username to point to your homepage. If your personal webspace is served out of the public_html directory in your homedir, read on for further instructions.  If your personal webspace is provided by WordPress, see these instructions on migration.  Please also see Web (public_html) directories for further info.

In Legacy, your ~/public_html is a link to a directory off our web server.  This is the same in GCE as well, so it’s really just a matter of moving the data from point A to point B.

The quickest and easiest is likely to be an rsync.  Similar to moving home directory data, in this case we’ll rsync the web directories directly.  Note: because the public_html directory is a symbolic link, it’s not included in the rsync from the homedir migration, you must do it separately.

First, let’s make sure your public_html is pointing at your web home directory:

ln -sf /nfs/pub_html/gce/homes/gceusername ~/public_html

Replace gceusername with your GCE username.

Next, a modified version of the previous rsync will do the trick:

rsync -avzh legacyusername@login.mcs.anl.gov:~/public_html/ ~/public_html/ 2>legacy-rsync-errors

As before, replace legacyusername with your username in the legacy environment.

After that’s complete, https://web.cels.anl.gov/~gceusername will share what you used to see at the old location.  If you’d like the old URL to point to this new spot, let us know at [email protected].