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We provide a remote Windows Terminal server for use by CELS employees.  Access is only available from trusted networks (on-site wired, auth WiFi, VPN, etc.)

You connect using your Argonne credentials.  The hostname is windows.cels.anl.gov.  If it doesn’t let you in, it may be because your primary Argonne organization is not in CELS.  Contact us if you feel that’s in error.

  • Mac users require the current Remote Desktop client available from the app store.
    • Other third party clients may or may not work, the above is supported.
  • Linux users can use xfreerdp.
    • xfreerdp /u:username /v:windows.cels.anl.gov:3389
  • Windows users can use the native Remote Desktop client in Windows.

If you have software requests you would like to see installed on the server, please let us know!