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Managing a Mailman List

How to Manage a Mailman Mailing List

Every mailman mailing list will be located under this URL format:
Replace the {nameoflist} with the name of your mailing list, such as examplelist. You’ll be greeted by a login page prompting for the mailing list password. As a list owner, you should receive a password on creation from Mailman. If not, request a mailing list password reset from the CELS Helpdesk.

Once you login, you should see a page much like this one:

You can add other administrators from this main page, or you can navigate to the Membership Management page to add new members to the mailing list.

If you need to add/remove multiple users, you can do so via the Mass Subscription and Mass Removal subsections of Membership Management respectively.

This covers just the basics of management for a mailing list, if you have more specific inquiries, you can always contact the CELS Helpdesk.

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