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Information for Account Sponsors

In GCE, all accounts are Argonne accounts.  CELS Systems doesn’t manage the accounts backend.  Employees and others with appointments at Argonne get an account as part of that, while external users can be invited to apply for an account, or request an account themselves through the Cyber Gate Pass (CGP) system.

Documentation on Cyber Gate Pass (CGP) can be found here.  Sponsors can invite external users here, and external users can initiate their own request here.

If your sponsored user is transitioning from an Argonne appointment to external collaborator, after the appointment ends, have them follow the directions here to get a collaborator account.  If possible, they should use the same username but with the “ac.” prefix.  After their collaborator account is created, the user needs to let us know at [email protected] that they want to transition their GCE account to this login, and we’ll get it set up.  They cannot apply for the collaborator account while their Argonne appointment is current.

Note: The notification of pending collaborator accounts from Argonne’s cybergatepass system is not reliably notifying you.  If you are expecting to see a collaborator account but have not seen anything, check https://apps.inside.anl.gov/cgp/list_pending to see if you have accounts waiting.  We are working with BIS to rectify this.