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Getting Started

Getting Started

To get set-up and start using Globus with GCE, please review the following.

First, you will need to install the Globus Connect Personal software on your machine. We are working to make this part of the Self-Service suite, available to users with CELS managed laptops, but for now, this is more of a hands on approach.

Globus Connect Personal Software

To install the Globus Connect Personal software on your computer, please follow the instructions linked below for your Operating System. When asked for “Organization”, use Argonne National Laboratory

Detailed instructions for installing Globus Connect Personal (GUI)

Once this software is installed and running, your computer will appear as a collection/endpoint in the Globus
web interface. You should be able to find it again by clicking “Endpoints” -> “Your Collections”. Look for the
name of your endpoint/collection that you set when installing Globus Connect Personal.