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Desktop and Laptop Support

The Systems Group provides the following support for Desktops and Laptops in supported divisions:

  • The Laptop Support policy can be found here.
  • Any desktop system where the user has Administrator access is supported as if it is a laptop.
  • Laptop rebuilds on ANL-owned equipment will be performed by Systems with a maximum one week turnaround time. Systems will install onto the laptop an OS that is licensed and supported for that hardware.
  • Desktops and laptops are not backed up.  Users must keep any important data on networked filesystems or Box which are backed up.
    • If you opt for a local backup method (such as Time Machine), Systems will provide best-effort to help you with restoring if you are unable to do so on your own.
    • Please treat all data on your local machine as vulnerable.  If it’s important, have a copy saved in Box, in your GCE home directory, or another location for backup.
  • Systems will assist in specifying purchases of new machines.  Hardware outside the standard CELS Desktop configuration is paid for by the division.
  • Desktop and laptop support may be provided in-person, via e-mail, via telephone, or via remote desktop, as the situations merit.