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Atlassian (Confluence/Jira)

To get access to the CELS Confluence server in GCE (https://confluence.cels.anl.gov), simply login with your GCE/Argonne account. Please note, if you have not yet requested your GCE account, you will not be able to login.

If you’re still using the legacy server, the address is https://collab.cels.anl.gov, and you log in with your MCS/Legacy account credentials.

Users can create spaces freely on the GCE Confluence site.  For Legacy, please send a ticket to [email protected].

External users will need a GCE account to get an account on conflunce.cels.anl.gov, however space owners can choose to make spaces readable to external anonymous users.

Jira, at present, is still on the legacy account system.

You will find the latest Confluence documentation at the following link:
Atlassian Confluence Users’ Guide