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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page:

  1. How do I log into my desktop workstation?
  2. How do I log into my email?
  3. How do I get a Box account and how do I access Box?
  4. I need VPN, how can I get added to the VPN?
  5. How to use Dash?
  6. SSH questions- Creating and installing
  7. Printing

How do I log into my desktop workstation?

If a workstation has been deployed to your desk, you will log into the machine using your ANL Credentials.

If you are having trouble logging in, you can check your credentials here: https://servicenow.anl.gov/pr?id=credentials

You can reset your ANL password here: https://servicenow.anl.gov/pr?id=change_password_ss

If you still have issues with your ANL Username and/or password, you can contact the Argonne Service Desk by calling them at 630-252-9999 option 2. They cannot reset passwords over email, so a call is necessary to reset your password with them.


How do I log into my email?

Argonne uses O365. To log into your email, follow these steps:

Go to: https://www.office.com, click Work or School Account.

Enter your ANL [email protected]. Example: [email protected]

It will bring you to the Argonne Login Page

Enter your ANL email which is your ANL [email protected] then enter your ANL Password.
If you do not remember your password, you can check your ANL credentials here:


It will then bring you too the multifactor authentication (MFA) page.

To set up MFA- Go to https://anl.app.box.com/s/ql4mx6c57rxf4i0jbgygli7plwclsrch. Select your Argonne account and sign in.

For more info on MFA, you can find that here: https://my.anl.gov/esb/view/STELLENT/584803


How do I get a Box account and how do I access Box?

The Argonne Service Desk creates the Box accounts for ANL employees or anyone with an official Argonne appointment. To request a Box account, send an email to [email protected] and request a Box account.


To access the Box account once created, you can go to: https://anl.account.box.com/login and use your ANL Credentials to log in.
Any issues should be directed at the Argonne Service Desk, 630-252-9999, option #2 or [email protected], they manage Box for the Lab.


I need VPN, how can I get added to the VPN?

The Lab has a way to avoid using the VPN for Argonne Applications. Go to: https://dash.anl.gov/Citrix/DASHWeb/

If you still find you need VPN, you can request that by sending an email to [email protected]. Only the CELS Help Desk will be able to add you to the VPN list.

Once you have been added to the VPN list for CELS, you can go to vpn.anl.gov and login in using your ANL credentials. You can also download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client from here: https://my.anl.gov/bis/vpn-client-software or find the application in Self Service and install it that way. You will also use your ANL Domain credentials to log into the application once it has been downloaded.


How to use Dash?

The Dash user guides can be found at https://my.anl.gov/esb/view/STELLENT/536201 

SSH questions- Creating and installing

We have a step-by-step guide to create and install SSH Keys. Keep in mind, we do not use passwords, we require passphrases. Please follow the steps in order, if you do not, the key will not work in the GCE/CELS environment.




The Canon copier/printers are supported by BIS.  You can obtain support via ext 2-9999 if you are onsite or 630-252-9999 option 2 if offsite. You can also fill out their “I need something” form at https://vector.anl.gov or send an email to [email protected].  You can see the list of printers available in building 240 here.


How do I print from a GCE Linux workstation?

See for more information https://help.cels.anl.gov/docs/how-do-i/print-from-linux/


How do I print from a Mac laptop?

See for more information https://anl.app.box.com/s/83xhsuh37asqc0jsej2qkskygr0gx0to


How do I print from a Windows Laptop?

See for more information https://anl.app.box.com/s/lwwkp0ia4ic4qh93peo2trz2muyed44v


How do I print from a personal laptop?

See for more information https://anl.app.box.com/v/guest-printing