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Getting Help

To get help, you’ve got a few avenues.

  • CELS Service Desk: That’s us. Our web page is https://virtualhelpdesk.cels.anl.gov, and you can email us at [email protected] or call us at 630-252-6813 (though while we’re remote that may just go to voicemail).  We’re the primary support for your CELS computing.  If you’re on the CELS-ANL Slack, you can also reach us in the #cels-systems-helpdesk channel.
  • Argonne Service Desk: The central Argonne service desk is at https://vector.anl.gov, [email protected], or 630-252-9999. They’re the primary support for Argonne-wide computing, and can also help with some of the things we do.
  • You can contact either of the above, and if it’s more appropriate for the other group, it’ll get routed appropriately.