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The group multifunction Canons in 240 are maintained and managed via BIS.  See https://my.anl.gov/bis/service/managed-printer-service. You can contact [email protected], x9999, or vector.anl.gov for assistance.

This table lists most of the printers in 240 near CELS users.  We also have OS-specific instructions for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Printer NameFloorLocationModelNotes
Fillmore11F8Canon IR 5535Color
CrystalLake11180 (West Oasis)Canon IR 6565Fax, B/W
DaltonCity11144 (Near vending)Canon IR 4535
Famersville22D11Canon IR 5535Color
KlamathFalls2(West Oasis)Canon IR 4535B/W
Countryside33168 (East Oasis)Canon IR 6565Fax, B/W
EllisGrove33180 (Center Oasis)Canon IR 5535Color
LaCrosse3(West Oasis)Canon IR 5535
Dakota44165 (East Oasis)Canon IR 6565B/W
Enfield44171 (Center Oasis)Canon IR 5535Color
Olympia4(West Oasis)Canon IR 5535
Dekalb55168 (East Oasis)Canon IR 4545Fax, B/W
Compton55185Canon IR 5535
NiagaraFalls55C5Canon IR 5535
Brainard66A20Canon IR 4535
Mobridge66C7Canon IR 5535
Oshkosh66D22Canon IR 5535
Kayenta77E17Canon IR 5550
Pocatello77D23Canon IR 6565
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