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Picking up, returning, or dropping off equipment from the CELS Service Desk

We have 6 programmable safes that can be used to pick up or drop off equipment from our group.

Safe Locations and Instructions

Outside of offices 2109 & 2110 (far west side of the second floor of building 240) there is a table with 6 numbered safes on it. Each is capable of holding a laptop and accessories. If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel and used their safe, it’s the exact same process. Instructions are on the safe, but in case you find it helpful, here’s the brief rundown.

Dropping Something Off

Should you be dropping something off, bring it by and put it into one of the safes. If the door is unlocked, it’s available. Just drop it in the safe, hold the door closed, enter a locking code of your choosing and hit the lock button. Then send us an email to  letting us know which safe, which code, and what you dropped off.  Please include any CSI or other property tag information. We will then notify  that we’ve retrieved your items and what we plan on doing with them.

If it’s too big for the safe, please do not leave it unattended.  If you cannot find someone to take it, please send an email to [email protected] and we will arrange a pick-up.  Include the CSI or other property tag information as well.  This ensures the handoff is tracked and when we close the ticket, it will serve as a trackable receipt.

If you don’t get an email verifying the handoff, please send one yourself.  We’ll do our best to make sure this gets tracked, but if you send us the note you already guarantee the process of getting your email receipt.

Picking Something Up

If we have something for you to pick up, we’ll let you know which safe and which code to use. To open the safe, find the numbered safe we indicated, put in the code we gave you and hit the lock button. This will unlock the safe. Leave the door of the safe open and do not re-lock it. If there is an open ticket for either of the above scenarios, please reply to that ticket instead of creating a new one. If you are unsure, then just start a new ticket by sending an email to  and we will add that info to the open ticket.FYI- We will no longer be leaving items in offices, even if they do have a lock.

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