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Print from a Mac?

The Canon copier/printers are supported by BIS.  You can obtain support via x9999, https://vector.anl.gov or [email protected]. The instructions below should help anyone with a self-managed machine.

This list may not be complete, but contains most supported printers in building 240.

[table id=1 /]

BIS has provided these instructions.   If you print frequently, we recommend installing “Nomad” via Self Service.  This app will authenticate your account for you, and offers the option to sync your laptop login password as well.

If your print job is of the length you don’t mind waiting for it to print, you can also print to Uniflow, and then retrieve your print job at any canon onsite.  This is especially recommended for sensitive print jobs, as it will not print until you arrive and request it.  You will need to register your prox card initially, but once you’ve done that you can simply tap your card, select “Secure Print” and choose the job you with you print.

The Uniflow driver can be installed via Self Service.  Full instructions on using Uniflow can be found here.