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Reserve a hotelling space?

S&TPO users, please see these instructions.


We have a hotelling space reservation system set up at https://hotel.cels.anl.gov.  You can reserve any of the available desks in 4.5 hour blocks (8:00 AM – 12:30 PM, and 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM).  You can scroll week by week using the “Previous” and “Next” button or click “Today” to switch to the current week.  You can click the Calendar icon next to the date to bring up a date chooser..

How to identify if a room is available

The screenshot below was taken mid-morning of Monday, December 16. Note the deep red color for the desks 7127-A, 7127-B, 5120-A, and 5120-B.  Any red time slot indicates the desk is unavailable for that period.  The rest of the desks are available, indicated by the dark green color.  The faded desks of the morning of Monday, Dec 11 are unavailable as that time had passed when this image was taken.  Days in the past are completely blanked out.

To reserve a room:

  • Identify the room and slot you wish to reserve along with which day and ensure it’s available.
    • You will not be able to click on a slot that is not available.
  • Click the slot and a popup will ask for your information, including name, and email.  If your email is from outside Argonne, it will ask for your phone number and affiliation.
  • A captcha may be required.
  • After you click “Reserve Room”, you should get a reply back from the room indicating the reservation was accepted.  If you refresh the page, you’ll see the time slot is no longer listed as available.
  • If you requre the slot for the whole day, be sure to reserve both morning and afternoon slots.