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Sending a regular, recurring e-mail

  • Go to https://gov.flow.microsoft.us/en-us/ and sign in.
  • Click “Create” to create a new workflow
  • Click “Scheduled Flow”
  • Give it a name that’s meaningful to you (for example  “Send Dayforce Reminder”)
  • Choose a starting date, set a repeat frequency (e.g. weekly repeat), and choose the relevant day(s) of the week (for weekly) and click “Create”
  • Click “New Step”, then choose Office365 Outlook.
  • Choose “Send an email (V2)”
  • Fill in the To: Subject: and Body: of the message.
  • Click Save.
  • You’ve just created an automated weekly mail you can edit or change.  Repeat for the other reminder schedules.
  • Turn it on or off  under “My Flows”.
    • Just click the three dot menu and choose “turn off” to turn it off, repeat the process to turn it back on.
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