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Inviting a large group to a meeting

  • Make a calendar appointment in outlook but don’t invite anyone.
  • Open a Finder window and navigate to your Downloads folder.
  • Go back to outlook and drag the appointment you created over to the finder window into your Downloads folder.
  • You now have a .ics file in the Downloads folder.  You can forward it with impunity. Drag the ICS file you created above into the message you’re sending.  It will show up as an attachment.  Then people can add it to their calendar if they want to without replying. 

Sending a regular, recurring e-mail

  • Go to https://gov.flow.microsoft.us/en-us/ and sign in.
  • Click “Create” to create a new workflow
  • Click “Scheduled Flow”
  • Give it a name that’s meaningful to you (for example  “Send Dayforce Reminder”)
  • Choose a starting date, set a repeat frequency (e.g. weekly repeat), and choose the relevant day(s) of the week (for weekly) and click “Create”
  • Click “New Step”, then choose Office365 Outlook.
  • Choose “Send an email (V2)”
  • Fill in the To: Subject: and Body: of the message.
  • Click Save.
  • You’ve just created an automated weekly mail you can edit or change.  Repeat for the other reminder schedules.
  • Turn it on or off  under “My Flows”.
    • Just click the three dot menu and choose “turn off” to turn it off, repeat the process to turn it back on.
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