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Sharing a channel with another Slack workspace

Another option for collaborating is to share a channel with another Slack workspace as long as that workspace is on a paid Slack Plan and not the free tier.  It does not need to be a Slack plan managed by CELS Systems.

To do so, first send a ticket to [email protected] to get approval for the channel.  Once it’s approved, simply click the Info icon in the upper right corner of the channel, choose “Organizations”, and choose “Share Channel”.

After filling in the email of a person in the other workspace, a request will go to the CELS Slack admins to approve the request.  Similarly, a slack admin on the other side of the request will also need to approve it. At that point, the shared channel is complete and you can communicate with anyone in that channel.  Anyone in the shared channel can also send direct messages to others in the channel, even though they’re on a different workspace.

Shared channels can be public or private on either side.  Each side’s access rule only affects that workspace.  A channel can be public on one workspace and private on the other, for example.  Please bear this in mind when creating a shared channel.  If it is to be private on both sides, ensure the other side knows this, as we cannot control their access rules.