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Printing or Downloading from Dash

Printing to 240 printers from Dash

All 240 group printers should be available in Dash.  Here is a list of common printers used in 240.

Printer NameFloorLocationModelNotes
Fillmore11F8Canon IR 5535Color
CrystalLake11180 (West Oasis)Canon IR 6565Fax, B/W
DaltonCity11144 (Near vending)Canon IR 4535
Famersville22D11Canon IR 5535Color
KlamathFalls2(West Oasis)Canon IR 4535B/W
Countryside33168 (East Oasis)Canon IR 6565Fax, B/W
EllisGrove33180 (Center Oasis)Canon IR 5535Color
LaCrosse3(West Oasis)Canon IR 5535
Dakota44165 (East Oasis)Canon IR 6565B/W
Enfield44171 (Center Oasis)Canon IR 5535Color
Olympia4(West Oasis)Canon IR 5535
Dekalb55168 (East Oasis)Canon IR 4545Fax, B/W
Compton55185Canon IR 5535
NiagaraFalls55C5Canon IR 5535
Brainard66A20Canon IR 4535
Mobridge66C7Canon IR 5535
Oshkosh66D22Canon IR 5535
Kayenta77E17Canon IR 5550
Pocatello77D23Canon IR 6565

Downloading Documents Using your Web Browser

See this video on how to download from Dash Light version (in-browser).

Downloading Documents Using Citrix Reciever

Or this method if you’re using the Citrix Receiver app. See Argonne’s Dash page for more details.

  1. Connect to Dash, login, and work on what you’re looking to work on.
  2. Instead of printing from Dash, save the file to your local computer.
    • You should get a dialog that looks like this in the bottom of the window.
    • Click the down arrow next to Save, choose “Save As”.
    • Click the “This PC” icon in the sidebar
    • If you get this popup, choose “Read/Write”
    • The “H:” Drive in the sidebar is the home directory on your local machine. Click at and choose the appropriate spot for the document. Don’t use the links that aren’t under H: — those aren’t on your local computer.
    • After the file is saved, you’ll see a dialog like this in the main window. Just close it, you don’t want to work in that anymore.
  3. Switch to your local machine and look in the folder you saved the document to. On a Mac, this will be in “Finder”. From there you can open, print, edit, etc.