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Create a new channel (Public and Private)

To create a new public channel, click the + sign next to Channels in the left sidebar.  You will have the opportunity to give it a name and a description.  If it’s divisional-specific, please put the division’s name at the beginning so it’s easy to know which group it belongs to.

You have the option of making it private. You will only have this option at creation time.  If you make it public and change your mind, you will need to invite an admin to the channel and ask them to make it private.

Regular channels can be joined by anyone who is on this slack.  They are listed in the channel browser, and anyone who joins will see all conversations had in that channel since it was created.  An admin can change a public channel to a private channel.

Private channels are only available to people who are invited.  They are not listed in the channel browser.  If you leave a private channel, you must be reinvited.  You cannot change a private channel to a public channel.

Do not check the Share outside CELS Argonne option without reading the implications of this choice.  If you are just looking to add outside collaborators, you may want to instead invite them as guests.

To invite a user to a channel (public or private), simply type /invite @username (if they are on the Workspace already) or /invite_people [email protected] (if they are not).